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Happy Valley Station Opens
December 28, 2015|Boston food trucks

Happy Valley Station Opens

Happy Valley Station Opens

To the PDXers:  Happy Valley is even happier now with the addition of their new food cart pod recently opened. 4,000 square feet of street food,with 26 food and drink purveyors, and a 450-seat pavilion but this did not happen overnight.

Valerie Hunter, real estate developer, shares passion for both food and real estate.  She was tired of the same old chain restaurants in the area and was sick of travelling to Portland just to get some fresh cuisine.  So, she made it her mission to open a food cart hub in the Happy Valley area in order to provide the residents with their first food cart pod.  After three years of developing policies and laws for the pod going back and forth with city and state officials, it finally officially opened in November.  Calling it a “pod” is a bit misleading though, this structure is over 4,000 square feet that can seat up to 450 people. The pod offers more than just top notch local cuisine it also has a 400-square-foot kids play area, board games for all ages, and a bar that pours beer from 45 taps.  And have no fear you won’t be shivering in this hangout; it is heated during the winter providing customers a delicious and cozy experience.

The food options include Mexican (Chloe’s SoCal Mexican Grill, Mixteca), Thai (E-San Thai), Philippine (Chicken Adobo), Vietnamese (Kim’s Kitchen), and Lebanese cuisine (Yaba Yabaa), as well as specialty carts that offer eats like gelato (Strano Gelato) and sushi (Wasabi Sushi PDX).

And yes we all know the holidays are just around the corner, so take a break from shopping and check out Happy Valley Station, Santa will be there to take free photos with children until December 24th, ho ho ho! To stay up to date on events being held please check Happy Valley Station’s facebook page


Source: Pdxeater.com

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