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The Baja Taco Truck: Not just another food truck
August 27, 2015|Boston food trucks

The Baja Taco Truck: Not just another food truck

The Baja Taco Truck: Not just another food truck

What the Trucks launched in May of 2014. Prior to that we worked closely with three trucks — the Baja Taco TruckRenula’s Greek Kitchen and Benny’s Crepe Cafe — to develop and test the product. During that time I got to know Bryan, the owner of the Baja Taco Truck, personally and I can honestly say that he is one of the nicest, hardest-working people involved with the Boston food truck scene. He has hung in there with us through some tough times, and we appreciate his support.

More than a few of you have commented on how delicious the Baja’s food is. That’s no surprise to What the Trucks, who has been behind the scenes during their prep. Bryan typically works from 7 am till 9 or 10 pm making the guacamole fresh for the next day. His choice in products is always of the highest quality, and his large following in Boston is a direct result of that. It’s hard to pick a favorite dish, but What the Trucks is partial to the mutt, those tasty fish tacos and of course the guac and chips.

You can find the Baja Taco Truck at these locations:

Remember, you can order ahead with What the Trucks and skip the line. (We had to throw that in there…)


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