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Portland’s Delicious Dozen: A Food Critic’s Favorite Dishes
February 14, 2016|Portland food carts

Portland’s Delicious Dozen: A Food Critic’s Favorite Dishes

Portland’s Delicious Dozen: A Food Critic’s Favorite Dishes
Portland’s Delicious Dozen: A Food Critic’s Favorite Dishes
Portland’s Delicious Dozen: A Food Critic’s Favorite Dishes
Portland’s Delicious Dozen: A Food Critic’s Favorite Dishes
Portland’s Delicious Dozen: A Food Critic’s Favorite Dishes

Food critic Bill Addison’s job is to ferret out, try out, and give a shout out to the newest and best restaurants and food carts in the country. Nice work if you can get it, right? He recently visited Portland and selected — albeit with great difficulty — his 12 favorite dishes, based on their overall yumminess and cultural street cred. So if you’re in the area or planning to visit soon, you might want to add these to your culinary itinerary.

Khao Man Gai (Chicken and Rice) at Nong’s Khao Man Gai
This tantalizing take on a Thai staple will not disappoint. Be sure to request a combination of white and dark meat, along with fried chicken skins for crunch.
Southwest 10th & Alder Streets

Hot Chick at Tiffin Asha
This cleverly named concoction is composed of chicken chunks fried in chickpea flour, drizzled with cardamom-scented honey and accompanied by pickled greens and yogurt. It’s served in a dosa, a South Indian crepe made of fermented rice and lentil batter.
3710 North Mississippi Avenue

Fiesta Plate at PDX671
Acquaint yourself with the cuisine of Guam with this combo platter featuring a lacquered grilled chicken thigh, shrimp fritters, rice with annatto seed and delectable dipping sauces. Also includes the Guamian and Filipino favorite lumpia, thin spring rolls filled with pork, noodles and vegetables.
5221 Northeast Sandy Boulevard

Bibim Box at King Jong Grillin’
Sweet, fiery, fresh and fermented — the bibim box has all flavors covered. It features your choice of meat (recommended: Kalbi, Korean-style short ribs) served over glassy noodles, kimchi, white rice and a fried egg. Simply stir together and savor.
46 Southeast Division Street

Samosas at Chez Dodo
A signature street snack of the island nation of Mauritius, samosas are pouches of fried dough stuffed with spiced potatoes and drizzled with milt-cilantro chutney and sweet chile sauce. You get two per order, and they’re huge, so be sure to share with a friend.
427 Southwest Stark Street

Croquetas at Ataula
Prepare to experience the true tastes of Spain, courtesy of Ataula’s Barcelona-born chef. Indulge in these crunchy meat-filled fritters and you’ll understand why they’re one of Spain’s most popular bar snacks.
1818 Northwest 23rd Place

Rabbit in a Clay Pot at Kachka
If you’ve never sampled the cuisines of the former Soviet Union, Kachka is a tasty place to start. This dish features a hindquarter braised in a sour cream broth with porcini, garlic and sour cherries. Accompanied by potato pancakes to help soak up the sauce.
720 Southeast Grand Avenue

Mixed Dolmas at Dar Salam Lazurdi
You might know dolmas as grape leaves stuffed with rice, but there are other variations as well. Mix it up with these three Iraqi versions — zucchini, the familiar grape leaves, and a deliciously understated onion.
320 Southwest Alder Street

Goan Shrimp Thali at Bollywood Theater
This Indian take on a combo plate includes dal and yogurt, flatbread, sambar, saffron rice and your choice of curry. The centerpiece is the shrimp bathed in coconut milk, its sweetness complementing every other element on the plate.
3010 South Division Street

Asado Argentino at Ox
Calling all carnivores. This meat-centric taste of South America features short rib, skirt steak, chorizo and sweetbreads — plus a blood sausage offset with ground walnuts and scented with nutmeg and cumin.
2225 Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

Salbutes and Panuchos at Angel Food & Fun
These handmade fried tortillas can be served with either chicken or steak. The pulled chicken version is topped with avocado and pickled red onions; the steak is served with a simple garnish of chopped onion and cilantro.
5135 Northeast 60th Avenue

Red Eye Ham at Muscadine
The cuisine of the American South is celebrated in this breakfast-and-lunch bistro — and in the smoked ham, an Appalachian favorite, served with a boiled-down-coffee gravy. It’s paired with grits, sautéed greens and eggs made any way you like ’em.
1465 Northeast Prescott Street



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