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Sellwood’s Piknik Park Offers Sweet, Savory Options
April 28, 2016|Portland food carts

Sellwood’s Piknik Park Offers Sweet, Savory Options

Sellwood’s Piknik Park Offers Sweet, Savory Options
Sellwood’s Piknik Park Offers Sweet, Savory Options
Sellwood’s Piknik Park Offers Sweet, Savory Options

Portland residents are cheering the opening of the new Sellwood bridge. Pedestrians and bikers now have easy access to this friendly, eclectic neighborhood located just minutes from downtown. Sellwood offers such varied diversions as an amusement park, a wildlife refuge, and an array of vintage and antique shops. Its dining options are equally diverse, as you can see (and taste) for yourself at the Piknik Park food cart pod.

Boasting a fire pit, covered seating, and your choice of cuisine, Piknik Park offers vegan and veggie-friendly food options; Malaysian, Peruvian and Mexican dishes; and a beer cart for those who have worked up a thirst.

Take a look at the wide range of options Piknik Park provides:

  • City Slickers: From Philly Cheesesteak to Chicago Italian Beef, owner Leah dishes up some of America’s most-savored sandwiches.
  • Polli-Tico: Specializing in “pollos a la brasa” (charbroiled chicken) with exotic sides (think plantains), co-owner Kenny is proud to provide authentic Peruvian cuisine.
  • Village Patisserie: Want dinner AND dessert? Owners Tanya and Michael offer French-inspired croissant sandwiches along with scratch-made cakes, cookies, and tarts.
  • Straits Kitchen: Cravin’ Malaysian? Straits Kitchen is the only Portland cart that offers this cuisine. Pro tip: Order from the small bites menu so you can taste several dishes.
  • SushiLove: What is a pod without sushi? One I don’t need to be in. Enjoy gluten-free and vegan options, including such items as Don’t Be Shellfish — flavor-packed rice rolls you won’t believe are meat-free.
  • Essential Juices and Smoothies: Whether you’re looking for a cleanse/detox or are completely new to juicing, owners Lenita and Safari have got you covered. They’re passionate about what they do and have developed healthy, great-tasting recipes the whole family will love.
  • Papa Lee’s Kitchen: Serving up a unique combination of German and Spanish cuisine, this might be the only food cart where you can order either a big brat or a tasty taco.
  • Devin’s Dive: Hungry for healthy meat-free options? Try Devin’s delicious vegan sandwiches, soups, salads or gluten-free plates.

Spring is in the air and the pleasures of Sellwood await! Be sure to go hungry so you can take full advantage of Piknik Park’s diverse, delicious dishes.

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